Our customer experience listed in few topics.

Thommy Oliver - MOMO-NET GmbH:
We put the administration of our extensive server parks on the expertise, speed and the ideas of Hurricane. In order to work and sleep better.

U. Plüschau - Uccellino Design:
It seams like NOTHING is impossible for Hurricane Computing! They find solutions for all needs and challenges!

Chriss R. - CR-Internetservice:
Thanks to Hurricane-Computing for the fastest IT-service I have ever experienced! Would totaly recommend them without any doubts!

Carles Rodriguez - CEO estreams.tv:
I've known Tom for several years. When he told me that he founded his own services Company, i didn't doubt giving in his hands the management and security of our servers. Hurricane offers solutions to all problems in an efficient and expeditious manner. We met a team behind Hurricane, lead by Tom, who fullfills all the expectations we had in how they should manage our servers and resources.

Roland G. - Imobtraffic Ltd.:
We have long used the server and the great support of Hurricane . At any time the support is on hand should there ever be problems ... but so far there has never been any problem at all !
Top Server - Best Support - Best Price ! Keep it up !

J. Manuel Galindo - Clickservicios:
After long time looking for good service management, competive systems and servers, I found Hurricane, a team with an excellent professionalism and personal attention that others leave much to be desired .... thanks to all the Hurricane team.

Thorsten Heim - Executive Outcomes Business Consulting.:
We have chosen Hurricane Computing to monitor and back up our servers because of it`s long experience and his wide field of services. Also Tom is part of the expert network within Executive Outcomes business consulting services. If you need someone who has no fear talking big data and has always a solution for every challenge coming up, he is the right partner for you!

Niko Baumgartl - nikobaumgartl.com:
Hurricane Computing has provided me easy access into the world of dedicated servers without having to write a single line of shell. Not only the servers BUT also their support lives up to it's name: hurricane fast

M.Hartig - erotik-marketing.biz.:
Mit Hurricane Computing trafen wir die richtige Wahl unser Netzwerk leistungsstark aufzustellen. So können wir unseren Kunden höchste Performance garantieren.